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Our partnership with ShelterBox

Jonny Moulton - Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer 30th March 2022

Home is at the heart of what we do.

Home isn’t four walls and a roof. It’s somewhere to feel safe. It’s somewhere to be comfortable. To share precious moments, make memories, and find sanctuary. It’s a life’s ambition for many people to have a home of their own. Now many Ukrainians have found theirs destroyed, or are having to leave them completely in the search for safety.

After days or weeks of fear, shelter offers protection from harsh weather, privacy, and helps to preserve dignity. It’s a space to heal from trauma and prevent communities from scattering, meaning people stay connected and build resilience together.

We’ve partnered with ShelterBox, a UK charity that provides safe spaces for people displaced by disaster such as conflicts, extreme weather events, and other natural disasters. They specialise in helping people in hard-to-reach areas, and those who are often overlooked by larger aid organisations.

Their incredible team is in eastern Europe to provide emergency shelter for the people of Ukraine. 

Our partnership ensures ongoing financial support for the essential work they’re doing. If you want to help, even a small donation can provide lifesaving aid for families affected by the crisis in Ukraine and in other countries where Shelterbox works such as Yemen, Syria and the Philippines.

"Every family deserves a place to call home after disaster. We work with disaster-affected communities to provide the emergency shelter, essential items and training needed to support families in the long process of rebuilding their lives." - ShelterBox

“The value of having a safe place can never be understated. Every day we share in customers’ joy as they finally get the home they’ve been dreaming of after being left behind for so long. Our partnership will support ShelterBox in their mission to help those often overlooked by larger organisations and in harder to reach areas.” - Jonny Moulton, Haysto

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