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Royally ticked off: Why the high street bank's reign is over

Colette Hagan-Young - Content Lead 1st June 2022

While the bunting’s being hung and the street parties are planned, not everyone is feeling jubilant. The housing market is particularly tough right now, and if you've ever had credit issues, or don’t work the usual 9-5, then the big banks might be making you feel like a mortgage is impossible. But that's not the case.

There’s specialist lenders out there who are ready to take the crown and make your own palatial dreams come true.

Isn’t it treason?

You won’t be sent to the tower for going to an alternative mortgage lender. You might not have heard of specialist lenders before, but they exist to help people just like you - the ones who’ve been let down by the high street. The big banks are old school (read: stuffy) and are more rigid in terms of who they'll lend to, so if you have any kind of bad credit or work differently (such as self-employed) then it's unlikely they’ll accept you.

Specialist lenders use human underwriters and work on a case-by-case basis. They look for the story behind the numbers and are specifically set up to deal with applications that aren't straightforward. 

Because they’re more niche, they aren’t available directly to you as a borrower. They won’t come up in online comparison sites and your banks won’t tell you about them - they only work through specialist mortgage brokers, like us. Just think of us as your loyal subjects. 

But they aren’t blue blood … 

Traditions are hard to break, and you might be sceptical about going with a different kind of mortgage lender. Gone are the days of the old subprime mortgages that caused the 2008 housing crash. Mortgage applicants used to be able to certify their own income without background checks or affordability tests, meaning many many people borrowed more than they could afford.

Getting a mortgage today is a far different experience. You can’t self-certify your own income, and lenders require a lot of information from you about your financial circumstances before they’ll let you buy your very own palace. 

Ready to dethrone the high street?

Isn’t it time you found a worthy consort? Here’s why you should dethrone the high street:

They reject you when you need them most

All those years of service mean nothing when it comes to mortgages. Being a long-time customer won’t guarantee you’ll be accepted or even considered. 

They live in the past

Mistakes aren’t easily forgiven. If you don’t have squeaky clean credit or work a simple 9-5 then the odds are completely stacked against you. 

They rely on you being comfortable

They won’t tell you about the other options out there. Just because you don’t qualify for a mortgage with THEM, doesn’t mean you don’t qualify at all. 

Don’t settle for being a subject. You're special, so speak to a specialist.


Our Mortgage Experts are fully-qualified with experience in bad credit, self-employed and complex mortgages. They have a proven track record of getting mortgages for people who’ve been rejected elsewhere.

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