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More than a thousand customers have given us a review on Trustpilot. We’re grateful for every one.

Jonny Moulton - Co-founder and CEO 26th May 2023

I know from my own experience exactly how miserable it is to be locked out of home ownership. It feels desperate when banks and even FCA-regulated brokers tell you it’s not possible to get a mortgage - even though it is - so I get enormous satisfaction from knowing we’re helping people in similar situations. The way things are, there are more and more of us.

We’re living through rocky times: a comparatively weak economy, the cost-of-living crisis, and a sea-change in how, when and where people work. More people are self-employed, more run their own businesses, and more are on zero-hours contracts. That means a greater number of people are having to find routes out of a financial squeeze, sometimes in ways that leave a black mark on their credit file.

But bad credit, self-employment and complex circumstances shouldn’t stop you getting a mortgage, and every day we prove that point. Every day we help people who’ve had their patience tested and their hopes crushed, and find mortgages for customers who thought they’d never get the keys to their own front door.

Why reviews matter

For us, literally nothing beats hearing about what our work means to the people we’ve helped. We love reading our Trustpilot and Google reviews, and we do read them - every single one. They’re automatically shared to an internal messaging group, and the team congratulates each other for getting great results, and on changing people’s lives for the better.

We don’t get many bad reviews, but we read those too. When they come in, we all want to know what went wrong, how to make things better, and how to learn from any mistakes we made. We’re a high-growth company so we’ve still got many rough edges, but we’re hell-bent on delivering the best service in the market. Honest customer feedback is the strongest tool and motivation we have to keep improving.

How are we improving? We’re making a continued and significant investment in Haya, our customer-centred technology platform that will make the whole mortgage process faster and smoother. We’ve founded the Haysto Academy to train our own Mortgage Experts to excel in the specialist market we serve. We recently launched our internal underwriting function, to ensure we can change people’s lives - and deliver an amazing customer experience. And we’re soon to announce a new flagship HQ, which will help us provide an incredible working environment, and continue to attract the most exceptional staff who can provide the best possible service.

A big thanks

So, to everyone who’s ever left us a review - thank you. Getting results is what brings us to the office in the morning and sends us home happy at night. But fantastic reviews help us focus on what those results really mean for our customers’ lives. They’re also a real asset to help us grow our business and reach more people.

The bad reviews hurt. Every time. We’re here to make broken dreams come true, and if we’ve failed to live up to that, I want to know why. That’s why either me or Paul (our co-founder) reach out to the customer, try to put things right, and work to understand how we can avoid similar experiences in the future.

But, after 1,000 Trustpilot reviews, our sector-beating Trust Score of 4.9 tells the true story of how we’re changing people’s lives and delivering a game-changing, judgement-free service to people who’ve been rejected by the mainstream. For us it’s more than just a marketing tool or a metric to aim for - it’s a validation of why we started Haysto. It’s a reflection of the team’s conviction in the work it does.

And it’s 🖕 two fingers 🖕 to every broker and lender out there who has deemed our customers unworthy.

Number of reviews: 1,003

Reviews in the last year: 655

TrustScore: 4.9 (sector average is 4.1)

Days at 4.9: 322

Thank you!


Our Mortgage Experts are fully-qualified with experience in bad credit, self-employed and complex mortgages. They have a proven track record of getting mortgages for people who’ve been rejected elsewhere.

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