How to send us your credit report - 3 easy steps

Having an up-to-date credit report is important when you’re applying for a mortgage. You and your Mortgage Expert can then see what the mortgage lender will see. Here’s how to download and send us your copy in 3 easy steps.

We recommend taking advantage of checkmyfile’s 30-day free trial* (usually £14.99 a month). You’ll get a really thorough overview of your credit report with a detailed look at your credit history. Their report will show what you look like at each credit reference agency side by side. 

*Heads up, when you click through to our affiliate links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. We only recommend sites we truly trust and believe in.

Step 1: Sign up to checkmyfile

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to sign up to checkmyfile to view your online credit report before you can download it. It takes less than five minutes, and you’ll get a free 30-day trial, which you can cancel at any time. 

Already signed up? Just log into your account and reactivate your subscription (£14.99 per month) to make sure you have your most up-to-date report. 

Sign up or sign in now

Step 2: Download your ‘printable report’

Once you’ve got your report, you’ll need to download a printable PDF version. You can find this at the bottom of the report - click the ‘download printable report’ button. If this button isn’t showing, get in touch with checkmyfile through instant message or call 0800 086 9360 and they’ll look into it for you. 

Once your report has downloaded, your unique password will appear at the bottom of the screen. When opening the file, you’ll be prompted to enter this password. Keep hold of this password, as your broker will need it to view your report.

It’s super important to keep the PDF of your Credit Report secure. Make sure it’s stored safely on your computer or device.

Step 3: Send your credit report to your broker

Most mobile devices will give you the option to save the document or send it as an email attachment. You should have the email address for your broker or customer success team member - attach the file to an email and include your passcode. 

And you’re done! We’ll let you know once it’s received and if you need to do anything else. 

Still confused? Take a look at our Guide: checkmyfile Explained for a deeper look.


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