Our Promise

Making mortgages possible is what we do. Our promise is to streamline your mortgage journey, giving you complete peace of mind - you've got the best team working for you.


What Does it Cover?

We know getting a mortgage can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve already been told ‘no’. That’s why we deliver real results with 24-Hour Fast-Track Processing, a True Agreement in Principle (AIP) for peace of mind and our Mortgage Offer Guarantee, a £100 Amazon gift card if we can’t make your mortgage possible but another broker can.

True Agreement in Principle

True Agreement in Principle

Unlike some brokers, with Mickey Mouse AIPs. We invest the time upfront to get you a formal AIP directly from a lender. Giving you confidence a mortgage is possible from the outset.

Express Service

Express Service

Made an offer on a home, without a mortgage in place? We get it, it’s nerve-racking. Our express service aims to have your application ready within 24 hours, ensuring quick action when you need it most.

Mortgage Offer Guarantee

Mortgage Offer Guarantee

Our mortgage offer guarantee is our commitment to making mortgages possible: if we can’t get your mortgage approved and another broker does, we’ll give you a £100 gift card.

The Small Print

A True Agreement in Principle (AIP):

  • A formal AIP will be provided after a thorough review of your financial details. Depending on the lender this could include a soft or hard credit check.

  • This assurance does not cover unexpected changes in your credit profile or financial circumstances after receiving the AIP.

  • An AIP is not a formal mortgage offer

Express Service:

  • This applies after you have submitted all necessary documentation to Haysto.

  • If more information is needed from you or external third parties (like employers or credit bureaus), processing time may be extended.

  • 24-hours is calculated in working hours. Monday to Friday, outside these hours processing time may be extended.

Rate Guarantee:

Terms and Conditions of the Made Possible Promise:

  • a) Enquiry Submission: Enquiries must be made through the Haysto website.

  • b) Eligible customers: You are not eligible if you have been told that a mortgage may not be possible before being assigned to regulated Haysto Mortgage Advisor.

  • c) Initial Application: The initial application by Haysto must be based on legal, accurate, and current information provided by you, and additional applicants. Any 3rd party application must not have started before Haysto have told you it is not possible or before or at the same time as your Haysto application.

  • d) Offer Timing: You must have applied to another broker within 2 weeks of being declined by an adviser at Haysto (evidenced via an AIP) and a full mortgage offer must have been achieved by no longer than 4 weeks after receiving the AIP.

  • e) Proof of Offer: You must provide proof of a full mortgage offer from a third party.

  • f) Decline Timing: Valid only for cases where the offer is declined by a lender after a Haysto application, within four weeks of the initial enquiry creation date. Our promise is not valid for customers who we have told at enquiry stage that a mortgage isn’t possible.

  • g) Single Claim: Only one claim per application.

  • h) Right to Decline: Haysto reserves the right to decline a claim if any of the above conditions have not been met or cannot be evidenced by the customer.

Alternative Offer Requirements:

  • Must match the original request in terms of property type and financial circumstances.

  • All information submitted for the alternative offer must be accurate and legal. The alternative offer must adhere to standard affordability and best practices followed by all CEMAP qualified brokers.

  • Must have the same term length, loan-to-value ratio, mortgage value, property value, and applicants.

Submit a Claim:

  • Submit your claim:

    • You can submit your claim by emailing [email protected]. You will need to attach and send all your supporting documents for the new mortgage required for us to process your claim (AIP and mortgage offer, both within the timeframes detailed above).

  • Please include in the email:

    • Your full name and any other applicants' names

    • Your current address

  • Verification:

    • Haysto will verify the competing offer’s validity and similarity.

  • Reward:

    • Receive a £100 Amazon gift card within 30 days of verification.

General Terms:

  • Haysto reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Made Possible Promise program at any time.

  • Disputes will be resolved following Haysto’s internal review process.

  • Assurances are subject to verification of submitted documentation and compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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