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What is a guarantor mortgage?

A guarantor mortgage is where someone else agrees to pay for your mortgage if you can’t.

You might need a guarantor mortgage if you’re on low income, have a bad credit history, or can’t save a lot of money for a deposit. A lot of people who choose the guarantor route do so because they have a poor credit rating. But it’s important to remember that you can get a mortgage without a guarantor, even with bad credit. You just need to find the right lender

Having a guarantor means that you’re more likely to be accepted for a mortgage. You could even borrow more than you would on your own, or unlock the lower interest rates.

It’s not a joint mortgage - your guarantor won’t own any portion of your home, they’re just agreeing to pay if you can’t. Their name will be on the legal documents but they won’t have any stake in the property. 

A mortgage lender will need to secure your mortgage against your guarantor’s home or their savings. This means they can repossess your guarantor’s home if your mortgage doesn’t get paid. Because of this risk, it’s a good idea to get advice from a mortgage broker (like us!) before applying for a guarantor mortgage.

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