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Can I get a mortgage as a freelancer?

Yes, you can get a mortgage as a freelancer! It’s just a more complicated process compared to someone who’s full-time employed, and you’ll need to go to the right lender. That’s  because it can be harder to prove your income compared to someone who can just give a lender three months’ payslips. Often, you’ll have to jump through a few more hoops to convince lenders you should be accepted for a mortgage. Annoying! 

As a freelancer, your income isn’t as predictable as someone on a 9-5 with a single company. Sometimes it might change month to month, but this shouldn’t mean that you can’t get on the property ladder. Often, freelancers can earn MORE money than if they were on a salary, which should mean you’re more attractive to mortgage lenders. But a lot of mortgage lenders just aren’t set up to deal with complex incomes. 

But not all lenders! There are specialist mortgage lenders out there who understand freelancing and are willing to grant a mortgage to people who work in this way. Most of the specialist lenders only work through mortgage brokers, that’s why it’s a great idea to work with a specialist broker who understands your situation. Our Mortgage Experts do this day in, day out and know the right lenders and mortgages suitable for you. Make an enquiry to get started.


Can I get a mortgage as a freelancer?

If you’re a freelancer, you might’ve been told you can’t get a mortgage. But that’s not true! It can be more tricky than someone in full-time employment, but it’s definitely possible.

More people than ever are working as freelancers. And yet many feel that buying a house is completely out of reach. Even if you don’t fit the mould of the perfect 9-5 mortgage applicant, you could still become a homeowner. You’ll just need to find the right lender and and a broker who'll put the extra work into your application.

Mortgage lenders tend to prefer people in full-time employment because their income is super easy to understand. That’s because they usually make the same amount each month. As freelancers, we know you often earn even MORE money than those on a salary, so you should be more attractive to mortgage lenders...right? Sadly not - most of the high street banks just aren’t set up to deal with complex incomes, which can make getting a mortgage a little more tricky. Rest assured, with the right expert and a specialist lender it can usually be done.

In this Guide, you’ll find everything you need to get a mortgage as a freelancer. We’ll explain how you’ll be assessed, what you need to prepare, how to improve your chances and more.

14th June 2022

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