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Can I get a mortgage as a foreign national on a tier 2 mortgage?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible for a foreign national to get a mortgage on a Tier 2 Visa! It’s a more difficult process though, and the mainstream lenders will probably turn you down. But there are specialist lenders who can help. It’s important to work with a specialist mortgage broker who’ll know what specialist lenders to approach for you. That way, you’ll maximise your chance of success, and get the best interest rates available to you. 

Lenders have different lending criteria when it comes to Tier 2 Visa mortgages to, but all lenders will take into account:

  • How long is remaining on your visa

  • What type of visa you have

  • How long you have lived in the UK

The majority of lenders will need you to have lived in the UK for at least 12 months before being accepted for a mortgage. It can also improve your chances if you have at least two years remaining on your visa.

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