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Can I get a mortgage on a zero hours contract?

More people than ever are working on zero-hour or casual contracts. These are contracts where the business doesn’t guarantee the contractor any hours of work. This can make getting a mortgage more difficult. But it’s certainly not impossible.

Most mortgage lenders, particularly high-street banks, require contractors to be in full-time work. They want a guarantee you’ll have a regular stream of income to meet your monthly repayments. But this viewpoint is changing. With the upward trend in zero-hour contracts there’s now more lenders than ever that specialise in this field - there’s even specialist zero-hour contract mortgages. This means with the right approach, the chances of getting a mortgage are higher than they’ve ever been.

A key part of getting any mortgage is showing lenders you’re ‘low risk’. We know this is harder as a zero-hour contractor, so here are some tips:

  • Offer a larger deposit: A bigger deposit means lower risk.

  • Show them your detailed employment history: You may have been with the same company or sector for the last few years. This can show lenders your employment is safe and expected to continue.

  • Show lenders your earnings: Being on a zero-hour contract doesn't mean you don’t earn good money. You may also have some savings in the bank. This is your opportunity to show lenders you’re a savvy saver and can afford to pay back the loan.

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Can I get a mortgage as a contractor?

Getting a mortgage if you’re a contractor can feel daunting. There’s a few extra things to consider, but it’s definitely possible.

More people than ever are working as contractors. And why not? It can give you the independence and flexibility to choose your own clients and projects, while still giving you plenty of time for hobbies and personal commitments. You can also earn some seriously good money! 

On the flip side, it can bring uncertainty. Banks can sometimes see you as higher risk, due to the irregularity of your income. This can make getting a mortgage a little more tricky, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

In this Guide, you’ll find everything you need to get a mortgage as a contractor. We’ll explain what you need to prepare, how to improve your chances, which lenders to choose and more.

20th May 2022

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