Help to Buy with Low Credit Score - One Last Try!

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Meet Kate and Arjun

Kate and Arjun, are a married couple in their mid-30’s from Manchester. Kate’s a Wholesale Business Manager and Arjun is an Engineering Consultant. They’d missed a few bill payments and had some defaults on their credit files. But over the last few years they’d worked hard to clean up their act.

They’d had enough of wasting their hard-earned cash on renting. Lockdown meant they were now desperate for more space, and were determined to achieve their dream of becoming homeowners. They worked hard to save over £10,000 for a deposit, so they were eligible for the Government-backed ‘Help to Buy’ scheme. 

As loyal customers they excitedly applied for a mortgage with their own high-street bank. The excitement soon turned to misery as they were swiftly told “no, sorry, there’s nothing we can do to help”. Lender after lender kept turning them down, so they were left facing a lifetime of renting. They’d given up hope...until they found Haysto!

“We’re over the moon that we can now call ourselves homeowners for the first time. We owe everything to Haysto.”
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How did we help? 

Arjun saw an advert for Haysto on Twitter and managed to convince Kate to give it one last try. After submitting their enquiry through Haysto’s website, they were quickly matched with a specialist broker who was an expert in getting mortgages for people just like them. 

Kate and Arjun’s broker got to work straight away to find them the best mortgage for their unique situation. After looking at all the options, specialist mortgage lender Precise Mortgages came out on top. Precise is on a mission to make mortgages more accessible. They're helping people who've been let down by the mainstream lenders to get on the property ladder. Turns out they were the perfect match.

Kate and Arjun’s dream has come true. They’ve more space and a garden to roll around in. The biggest bonus? They’re no longer paying someone else’s mortgage. We think that's something worth shouting about!

What Kate and Arjun say

“We finally saved enough for a house deposit, only to be knocked back for a mortgage time and time again. Mentally, we couldn’t go through another ‘No’ or ‘sorry, there’s nothing we can do to help’”.

“Thank goodness Arjun found Haysto and persuaded me to have one more try. We were matched with a broker who completely understood us and our situation, and it was so nice not to feel patronised. We felt he really cared about helping us and he kept us up to date every single step of the way.

“Within a few weeks we had a decision in principle, and a reservation on our very first home. We couldn’t believe it!

“Our broker was as ecstatic as we were! Seeing a business feel as happy as you do about getting a new home is wonderful, and just shows how much every client means to them.

“We’re over the moon that we can now call ourselves homeowners for the first time and we owe everything to Haysto. I could never thank them enough for their guidance, support, encouragement and fantastic work.

“I would recommend Haysto to absolutely anyone who’s been told ‘NO’ for a mortgage.”


Our Mortgage Experts are fully-qualified with experience in bad credit, self-employed and complex mortgages. They have a proven track record of getting mortgages for people who’ve been rejected elsewhere.

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