Newly Separated with Credit Card Debts - Fresh Starts Are On Us!

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Meet Lennie

Lennie’s a newly separated, 39yr old Managerial Police Officer from Leicestershire. Following a rocky few years, Lennie and his wife finally decided to go their separate ways, so he badly needed to get his own place. 

Lennie had a good income of £43,000 per year. But as many of us can relate to, things just got on top of him. He’d been struggling to manage his bills and overusing his credit card. Mounting debts started to affect his previously good credit score, as well as his mindset. 

It wasn’t all bad - he had over £26,000 for a deposit following the sale of his home and had no previous credit issues. So when he went to his trusted bank of over 20 years for a mortgage, he felt confident this recent blip wouldn’t be a problem. Like an old friend, he thought they’d wrap their arms around him during his time of need. But instead he was turned down and shown the door. That’s when Haysto arrived.

How did we help?

After hearing great things, a close friend of Lennie’s recommended he try Haysto. “If they can’t help you, no one can”, they said. He was down, felt like he’d been kicked in the teeth by his own bank and had almost given up. Despite feeling pretty hopeless, Lennie made an enquiry with Haysto, where he was immediately matched with a broker who specialises in getting mortgages for people just like him. 

Lennie’s broker worked hard to find him the best possible mortgage for his unique situation. After looking at his options, specialist mortgage lender Kensington said they’d be happy to help. Kensington believes you shouldn’t be punished if you don’t meet the one size fits all approach of the high-street. They provide specialist mortgages that work WITH people’s individual circumstances, not against them. Turns out they were the perfect match. 

Lennie’s house purchase is now complete. He can put the last few miserable years behind him and make a fresh start in his very own home. The future looks bright and we’re right there with you Lennie!

“I was in a difficult situation and struggling to see a way out. Haysto helped turn this around”
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What Lennie says

“After a separation AND being turned down by my bank, I was left feeling very  depressed, and that I had no options..

“I had my doubts about trying again, but decided to give Haysto a go.They listened, gave me confidence in the mortgage system and amazingly were able to secure me a mortgage offer. I was sceptical to begin with, but they actually managed to sort it all out for me.

“I can now build my life again. I’d recommend Haysto to anyone who’s struggling to get a mortgage, especially those who don’t have a straightforward case.”


Our Mortgage Experts are fully-qualified with experience in bad credit, self-employed and complex mortgages. They have a proven track record of getting mortgages for people who’ve been rejected elsewhere.

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