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Meet Martin and Julian

This is Martin and Julian, a couple in their late 20’s from Hatfield. Martin’s a Sales Manager in a bank and Julian’s a supermarket delivery driver. Martin has a low credit score due to missed payments and overspending in his young and carefree days. They both fall into the lower income category, with a joint income of less than £40,000.

Despite this, they worked stupidly hard to save up over £11,000 to be eligible for the Government's ‘Help to Buy’ scheme. Martin works for a well-known high-street bank, so they were the obvious first choice to help them get a mortgage. 

With their paperwork at the ready and hard earned cash in the bank they eagerly attended their appointment, only to be told they were unable to help. “You need to wait until your credit score improves,” they said. Feeling dejected, but still hopeful they brushed themselves off and tried Julian's bank. Only to be met with the same response. The next FOUR lenders they approached wouldn’t help either. They’d given up hope. But then they found Haysto. 

How did we help?

Julian spotted Haysto after seeing a customer review on Facebook and convinced Martin to apply. After making an enquiry they were quickly matched with a broker who specialises in getting mortgages for people just like them. 

Martin and Julians’ broker worked hard to find them the best possible mortgage for their situation. After looking at their options, specialist mortgage lender Aldermore said they’d be happy to help. Aldermore specialises in mortgages for people that don't fit the traditional mould. They’ve propelled entrepreneurs on their journeys; given first-timers a leg-up onto the property ladder; and opened up the mortgage market to lots of people. Turns out they were the perfect match. 

Martin and Julian are now living in their brand new home. They’re no longer paying someone else’s mortgage. We’re proud of you, Martin and Julian!

“We would recommend Haysto to anyone who’s ever been told “No, wait until your credit score improves”. Haysto makes things happen and dreams come true!”
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What Martin and Julian say

“From start to finish, Haysto’s been brilliant! We’d been having trouble finding a mortgage for our first home and our own banks wouldn’t help. We were told our only options were to wait for our credit files to improve, which would’ve taken years. 

“Fortunately we found Haysto and within a week we had a mortgage in principle in place. Then two months later we actually moved into our new home!

“We can’t thank our broker and Haysto enough for their hard work and commitment. They’ve been professional, non-judgemental and excellent communicators throughout the process. 

“We would recommend Haysto to anyone who’s ever been told “No, wait until your credit score improves”. Haysto makes things happen and dreams come true!”


Our Mortgage Experts are fully-qualified with experience in bad credit, self-employed and complex mortgages. They have a proven track record of getting mortgages for people who’ve been rejected elsewhere.

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