Self-employed singers told to whistle - but Haysto’s all ears!

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Meet Meghan and Stu

This is Meghan and Stu, a couple in their 30s from Worthing in Sussex. They’re both self-employed singing teachers with clients including West-end stars and recording artists. They have a beautiful baby daughter, and love the flexibility that comes with being their own boss. 

The couple found a beautiful four-bedroom 1930s house that needed some renovation. But it offered much-needed space for teaching rooms and family time. Despite being in the midst of the pandemic, the couple were confident they’d be able to move their mortgage over - they’d never missed a payment, and had a huge bank of loyal clients who they were still teaching virtually.

Despite having hard evidence that their income remained steady, when it came to application time their bank refused them because of their self-employed status. But they’d always been self-employed and had never missed a mortgage payment - what was the problem?

They tried another high street bank, which offered a mortgage for £60,000 less than they needed. The bank even tried to get them to cough up over 15% for a deposit, when they didn’t want to borrow more money.

They even turned to a mortgage broker for help, who said the only way they could get a deal was by adding several years to their mortgage term. They’d be singing for their supper at this rate!

How did we help?

Stu had worked with Haysto’s co-founder Paul previously, and decided to give the new platform a go. 

The couple were matched with a broker who had experience helping people just like them. Meghan and Stu’s broker worked really hard to find them the best deal possible with a lender who understood them. 

They’re now enjoying their beautiful new home and business is better than ever. Now THAT’S music to our ears!

“We'd almost lost hope, until we found Haysto. It's nice to have people you can trust!"
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What Meghan and Stu say

“When a ‘trusted’ advisor tried to shoe-horn us into a more expensive mortgage, we simply lost hope. A lot of borrowers like us get turned down because of inflexible rules.”

“If we wanted to earn more, we could. But we choose to be with our family. Restricting mortgages for people like us seems short-sighted. Once the industry is fully open, we’ll be even busier. 

“With Haysto, it’s just so nice to have people you can truly trust.”


Our Mortgage Experts are fully-qualified with experience in bad credit, self-employed and complex mortgages. They have a proven track record of getting mortgages for people who’ve been rejected elsewhere.

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